Crossword Marine Acoustic

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TTS Seri 0805



2. Equipment are used to find fish with method echosounder

7. Echo (Indonesia)

8. Towed Oceand Bottom Instrument

9. Side Scan Sonar

10. Distance from the transducer surface to the distance of the high fluctuation of the intensity/ pressure is ( . . . . Field)

12. Unwanted interference for a desired sound is

13. Equipment to calculate the acoustic power

14. Logarithmic ratio used to express the relative relationship of sound signals or electrical signals

16. Low  Frequency Active

17. Compass that is used on a ship that can find true north

21. General term associated with the sea or ocean or oceanography science

23. The study of natural phenomena is (Natrual  . . . . )

24. Calculate a wave per second

25. Selection interval between two depths in unit meters is (. . . . . Interval)

29. Surveys for mineral exploration, oil and energy seabed ( . . . . survey)

31. Conductivity-Temperature-Depth

35. Anti Sub-marine Detection Investigation Committee

36. Is the vibration that goes through a particular medium

37. Symbol of Signal to noise ratio

38. Instrument used to measure the flow with the acoustic system is

40. Energy dispersion of sound waves / acoustics, due to spreading effect in the beam region is

( . . . . . loss)

41. Measure the flow velocity ( . . . . speed)

42. An extensive collection of salt water and is associated with the ocean

43. Equipment to receive the sound or acoustic waves and convert it into electrical signals



1. Selection of signal level below which signals can not be processed

2. Sonar equipment inserted into the  . . . . tube so as not to sink from the upper water

3. Illuminates the target with the sound wave / acoustic

4. Sound wave / acoustic reflected by the target

5. Reflective (Indonesia)

6. Equipment to measure water turbidity

7. Determination of a position by using the internet

11. Cathode Ray Tube

15. Method with time stepping procedures for the various waves to obtain a model of behavior over time

17. Calculate the amplitude due to the increased signal (unit dB)

18. Instruments to display and measure the oscillation or signal

19. Equation of time from one wave to another wave

20. Corner where the acoustic power is half of the acoustic power at the main point is ( . . . . half angle)

22. Recordings of the series of echo data

26. Name for the transmission of acoustic pulses

27. Near. .. is a high fluctuation of the intensity / pressure transducer to surface distance

28. The study of underwater depth

30. Sound Navigation And Ranging

32. The wave or sound received or sent

33. Theory and propagation of sound waves in the water.

34. Distance to the target wave

39. Single Echo Detector

40. Geographic Information System



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